Animal Rebellion Meeting and Veganuary Potluck

Sunday, Jan 15

Location: At a rebel's home in West Medford

Join us in the middle of January for Animal Rebellion Boston's next meeting. We officially launched our affinity group in November and are looking to expand our members and come up with plans for taking direct action! Come and meet like-minded folks who believe that a plant-based future is key to a livable future. We will have some food catered but would encourage you to make a small dish to share with others.

We will also be doing a check-in for folks trying out the Veganuary challenge - that is folks refraining from eating animal products as an experiment for January. We need system change but small acts like these can be a catalyst for broader social and political transformation.

The climate crisis is here, it’s happening, and we need to act now. We know the key solution is a transition to a plant-based food system - we have no choice but to do everything in our power to make this happen. For climate justice and animal justice, let’s come together, use our collective power and change everything.

From Our World in Data:

"Half of the world’s habitable land is used for agriculture, with most of this used to raise livestock for dairy and meat. Livestock are fed from two sources – lands on which the animals graze and land on which feeding crops, such as soy and cereals, are grown. How much would our agricultural land use decline if the world adopted a plant-based diet?

Research suggests that if everyone shifted to a plant-based diet we would reduce global land use for agriculture by 75%. This large reduction of agricultural land use would be possible thanks to a reduction in land used for grazing and a smaller need for land to grow crops. The research also shows that cutting out beef and dairy (by substituting chicken, eggs, fish or plant-based food) has a much larger impact than eliminating chicken or fish." ^1

COVID testing is required before participating early, if you need a test, come early wearing a mask and we will provide a 15-minute rapid antigen test



Location TBD, accessibility will be updated then, hoping to have a wheelchair-accessible space.