[solidarity] Black Friday Chase Bank Stand Out

Nov 26

350 METROWEST invites you to join them on Black Friday for a Stand Out at the new Chase Bank branch in Framingham (120 Worcester Rd). (It’s okay to park nearby at Walmart - just try to resist the urge to shop there for a day.).

12 Noon - 3pm

After a day of indulgence and relative quiet across the nation, what better than to turn out on the day known for consumer frenzy (Black Friday) to show our strength protesting Chase and all they stand for that’s wrong with our climate and our consumer culture?

And where better to do it than at the new Chase branch on Rte 9 in the very heart of consumerism, across from Walmart in Framingham?

Bring Chase-centered, fossil fuel signs if you have any, but you can use ones we’ll have on hand and joyfully re-join our pressure campaign on the leading global funder of FF infrastructure expansion, JPMorgan-Chase.

Along with signs, we’ll have red cow bells to add to the festivity of the season. It’s a perfect time to coordinate with seasonal clothing items - RED Hats, sweaters.

Not too soon to don your SANTA Suit if you have one (Santas are in short supply, so you might get a job offer). The jolly man travels the globe with hardly a carbon footprint - something that might be worth reminding people about.

Bring a friend! Forward to others who might be interested!

PS - For ideas on other ways to pressure Chase, visit: (Bill McKibben's new organization for activist seniors).


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