COP28 Light box Procession

Friday, Dec 08

There is no lack of government inaction on the climate crisis in 2023. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts did not stop building fossil fuel infrastructure. Over the summer, there were disastrous floods in the western and central parts of the state. Why didn’t the Healey administration and the legislature take the bold steps necessary to curb carbon emissions?

Yet COP 28 will inevitably be one of the year’s biggest disappointments. The annual UN conference is taking place in the United Arab Emirates. The CEO of the state oil company will preside over the conference which is supposed to tackle the climate crisis. The Emirates are one of the world's biggest producers of oil. They have received long-sought permission from OPEC, the coalition of oil-producing nations that coordinates on output and prices, to pump more oil starting next year. (1)

It is the classic situation of the fox being in charge of the chicken house. How did this happen?

Join us for a light box procession with the Red Rebels on Friday December 8 at 5:30pm. We will be mourning the lack of climate action and the death of life on earth. On our route are sites of climate inaction and areas of privilege. The XR Boston art group built the light boxes. Each is decorated with an ecological theme.

Currently, we have Red Rebels attending, but still need participants to carry the light boxes. If more people join, we will have die-ins as well. Dress in black. Looking forward to having you there.

Sign-up on this page so we can better plan the event. Also, we will notify you if the event is canceled because of bad weather. The rain/snow date is Friday December 15.

Photo by Lita Xú Líng Kelley


Public streets and sidewalks