Dying for Climate Action

Tuesday, Jul 05

Join us for another die-in to warn about the worst effects of the climate crisis. We are heading for extinction and need to act now.

COP26 just produced blah blah blah. The Paris Climate Agreement targets will not prevent the climate breakdown. In August 2021, Rebels associated with Scientists Rebellion Spain leaked a portion of the 2022 IPCC report. We are warned that greenhouse gas emissions must peak within 4 years to prevent climate breakdown. High-income countries are producing 10 times the amount of emissions as the poorest countries. We don't have any time to waste: We are dying for climate action now!

We'll assemble at Park St Station across from the 7-11 on Tremont and then head to Downtown Crossing.

The location is weather dependent and will be confirmed briefly before the event. Please sign up below to receive all the necessary details!