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Introduction to XR's Strategic Theories

Thursday, Jun 30

Join us for a discussion about the movement theory behind XR's disruptive climate justice activism. We will talk about the political system breakdowns and how to solve them, the strategic context behind our demands, the broader ecosystem of the climate movement, and more. 40 min overview followed by 20 min discussion.

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If you're starting to learn about XR, you may also want to check out 1) a "Headed for Extinction" talk which covers the scientific urgency of the climate crisis and how we can act and 2) our orientations which explain how you can act in the name of XR if you follow our principles and how to plug in. Both can be found on our calendar There is an online version of the "Headed for Extinction" talk on YouTube

Run time 8:00 to 9:00pm EST.


Online, but translation and caption services not available