Light box procession

Light Box Procession

Monday, Nov 28

There is no lack of government inaction on the climate crisis in 2022. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts did not stop building fossil fuel infrastructure. If the gas companies had embraced renewable energy instead of creating new pipelines, would Eversource be seeking a 43% electricity rate hike?

The ongoing issues with the MBTA also forced more people to use cars instead of trains and buses. Safe and reliable public transportation is an important part of climate crisis mitigation. Why doesn’t the state do more about this?

Yet COP27 may be the year’s biggest disappointment. Where to start? Coca-Cola, the world’s largest plastic producer, sponsored the conference. Plenty of fossil fuel lobbyists attended. Is it any surprise that COP27 did not produce a plan to reduce carbon emissions? But the worst part may be COP27’s abandonment of keeping global heating below the 1.5 Celsius tipping point.

Join us for a light box procession with the Red Rebels on Monday November 28 at 5pm. We will be mourning the lack of climate action and the death of life on earth. On our route are sites of climate inaction and areas of privilege. The XR Boston art group built the light boxes. Each is decorated with an ecological theme.

Currently, we have Red Rebels attending, but still need participants to carry the light boxes. If more people join, we will have die-ins as well. Dress in black. Looking forward to having you there.

Sign-up on this page so we can better plan the event. Also, we will notify you if the event is canceled because of bad weather.


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