No New Fossil Fuels Inauguration Rally

Thursday, Jan 05

On Inauguration day we will make our demand clear:


When: Thursday, January 5th at 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (latecomers welcome! We'll likely be next to the State House)

Where: Meet outside Park St. T Station in the Boston Common

What: Let's MAKE SOME NOISE at the inauguration so that Governor-elect Healey knows on day 1 that we demand urgent and aggressive climate action, beginning with a commitment to No New Fossil Fuels.

Why: On January 5th, Massachusetts will inaugurate our state's first Democratic governor in 8 years and our country's first ever lesbian governor. Many reasons to celebrate! But we know better than to get comfortable. The governor-elect accepted tens of thousands of dollars from fossil fuel companies during her campaign. She did NOT commit to a No New Fossil Fuel pledge when asked. She prevented multiple municipalities in Massachusetts from blocking fossil fuel infrastructure during her time as Attorney General, citing rules why they couldn't instead of figuring out how they could! She may be slightly better than her predecessor, but incrementalism doesn't cut it when we are going to blow by our carbon budget this decade, if we don't take drastic action now. Let's make this the year that Massachusetts meets our demand for No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure, and let's start on day one!

What to bring: Warmed up vocal cords, No New Fossil Fuel related signage, XR patches and flags, and/or just come as you are!

Love and rage!


Boston Common and T accessible