Protest the Failure of COP26

Nov 15

COP is failing. Biden has failed. It's up to us. Boston will be underwater.

Location: JFK Federal Building

Date and Time: Monday November 15th at 3 pm

It is clear that COP26 will fail. The global north never had any intention of negotiating in good faith to rapidly decarbonize their economies. Biden has failed. We are approaching Bush era levels of issuing permits for drilling on public land. He has failed to declare a Climate Emergency despite calls from a plethora of Indigenous Leaders and Climate Justice Organizers.The so-called "climate president" has not stopped the Line 3 pipeline, Line 5 pipeline, Mountain Valley pipeline, and the Dakota Access pipeline.

In August, Rebels associated with Scientists Rebellion Spain leaked a portion of the 2022 IPCC report. We are warned that greenhouse gas emissions must peak within 4 years to prevent climate breakdown. High-income countries are producing 10 times the amount of emissions as the poorest countries.

The entire world needs to halve emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050 if we want to stay at 1.5 C. We are told, "Delayed action increases challenges to both economic and societal feasibility after 2030". Our current Paris Climate Agreement targets will not prevent this breakdown.

GHG emissions will increase by 11% with respect to 2010 levels even if every country makes their Paris Climate Agreement targets. COP26 will set the next 5 years of emissions targets, but we know it won't be the radical change needed to halt runaway global heating. Large chunks of Boston will be underwater even if we cap global heating at 1.5 C, never mind at 3 C (where the Paris Climate Agreement is likely to take us if all signers make their targets).

The seas are rising and so are we. The political and electoral process cannot save us.


Public Square/Public Sidewalks