Insight Dialogue

Extinction Resilience: Gathering for Strength

Tuesday, Mar 17

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How do we transform our despair into hope and our anger into compassion? How do we co-create a new world while witnessing systemic collapse? Can we write a new narrative by asking ourselves: what is truly life-giving and sustaining?

The climate crisis is a collective trauma on a scale never before seen. To experience grief, confusion, rage, and despair is not only normal, it is also a sign of our capacity to love. Unfortunately, in a culture that so often denies our humanity, we are often left to feel our pain in isolation. Or, we are urged to jump into relentless action, often bypassing the opportunity to tap into the joys and pleasures of being alive - the very things that will help us stay nourished, grounded, and connected for the long haul.

Whether you’re already a climate activist or just getting introduced to the movement, Extinction Resilience is a monthly space to be present with the reality of our times. Through listening, reflective discussion, and dynamic and thought-provoking exercises, we will discover how to cultivate radical hope in the face of uncertainty, together.

Please note that this is a time to put aside the organizing tasks and to simply be with each other in this tumultuous time.

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Facilitated by Chelsea MacMillan from XR-NYC. Chelsea is a spiritual director, writer, facilitator, and co-coordinator of the XR NYC regenerative culture working group, where she co-leads monthly Extinction Resilience sessions. She’s cofounder of Brooklyn Center for Sacred Activism, cohost of The Rising: Spirituality for Revolution podcast, and her writing has appeared previously in Anchor Magazine, Anatomy of Silence, and Matthew Fox’s Order of the Sacred Earth.


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