Boston Fee Party

[Solidarity] Boston Fee Party

Thursday, Mar 02

Come to the Boston Fee Party on Thursday March 2, 11 am at 306 Congress Street in Boston. We are encouraging Governor Healey and her administration to be leaders in pushing for a clean, democratic, renewable power grid.

Two of Fix the Grid’s largest demands for this event are: - include state representation on the ISO-NE Board of Directors - replace Gordon van Welie with a new CEO who will acknowledge and address the climate crisis

The framing of this event for the media is the "Boston Fee Party" because it's tied into our work around rising electric bill costs and how those are the result of our over reliance on fossil fuels. One of our rallying cries will be "No Rate Elevation Without Representation." We are partnering with groups like GreenRoots and Neighbor to Neighbor to showcase speakers who will highlight the impacts of grid decisions and high rates on front line communities and lower-income households.

Here is more information about the event.


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