Peabody peaker calendar.png

[Solidarity] Peabody Peaker Day of Action

Sep 21

Breathe Clean North Shore is powering ahead with our push to get the state to step in and stop the proposed gas power plant in Peabody. Our top priority is to get Secretary Theohardies to reopen the MEPA process and conduct the environmental impact study that was never done to begin with.

Help us demand the state’s attention! Join us for our Call In Day of Action on Tuesday, September 21st to drive in over 100 calls to the MEPA office making public opposition to this project clear.

There are two key ways you can help: 1) We will be calling and texting our supporters all day to ask them to take action -- please sign up to take on a list of 20 supporters to contact! You can reach out at any point on Tuesday, and we’ll follow up with more information.

2) Make a call yourself on Tuesday! Use this form for more instructions and to help us track our progress, then share the info with 5 friends.