June 1

State House Stand-Out Info Session #1

Thursday, Jun 01

Climate activists are planning a long-term Stand-Out in front of the MA State House to put pressure on Governor Healey, Senate President Spilka, and House Speaker Mariano to commit to no new fossil fuel infrastructure. The strategy is to apply nonviolent, constant, highly visible pressure in the form of 2+ people standing out (and sometimes in) the State House during all business hours, starting on June 5. This will be amplified by a robust media strategy that will be impossible to ignore.

This is an ambitious goal that requires many people to show up and sacrifice their time. For that reason, it is a powerful tool to show the state government that we will not stop demanding real climate action. We hope this stand-out will become an inspiring coalition of action organizations across Massachusetts, united in the fight for no new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Please join our first Info Session where we will share details of the planned action, how you can participate, and solicit suggestions that will inform how we collaboratively carry out this action.