Tell Secretary Theoharides, No Eastie Substation!

Sunday, Jan 31

NOTE The location of this action has changed from Arlington to East Boston

Show up to demand an end to the unjust Eastie Substation!

On Monday February 1, the Energy Facilities and Siting Board (EFSB) will be taking public comment on Eversource's proposed East Boston Substation. Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Kathleen Theoharides has refused to stand against this textbook case of environmental racism. The secretary oversees and chairs the EFSB. She has the power to put the brakes on this project. Let's show up the day before this meeting to encourage the secretary to put the safety of the community first. Show up to demand an end to the unjust Eastie Substation!

At 3 pm we will meet up at the site of the proposed susbtation in East Boston to stand in solidarity in advance of this meeting. Please take photos of this action and share them on social media. Tagging the EEA secretary(@EEASecretary) and governor(@MassGovernor).

Consider bringing signs with messages that speak out against this environmental injustice: "No Eastie Substation", "Pull the Plug on Eversource", "Protect Frontline Communities", "End Environmental Racism", "Environmental Justice Now". For more context on why XR supports the local community's objection to this proposed substation check out this WBUR article and talking points for the Monday hearing

Parking: On street


Wheelchair Accessible