Training Series: Media Support

Thursday, Jan 12

This training will last 90 minutes

Are you curious to learn more about different support roles for Extinction Rebellion Boston?

Join us for the fourth session of this training series for

Media Support: Helps facilitate the interactions between the group and the media. Prepares press releases, coordinates photography, live-streaming, and footage to edit.

Other sessions will include:

  • Police Liaison: Conveys information and demands between the police and the group before/during actions. Helps to keep the police calm and reminds them of our non-violence.

  • Arrest support: Provides direct personal support for arrestable people. They have all relevant personal information, will take the call from the police station, provide support at the police station and makes sure everyone gets home safely.

  • Peacekeeping & deescalation: Help guide people where to go and keep protest safe by blocking traffic block of streets for us along the parade route.