[Solidarity Action] Caught Red Handed: Bunge and the Directors of Deforestation

Thursday, May 05

From Friends of the Earth: What: Direct action, mixed with a little street theater and creative storytelling to demonstrate the urgency behind holding Bunge Ltd. accountable for their soy-driven deforestation and human rights abuses. We demand State Street Global Advisors to put their money where their mouth is and hold Bunge accountable!

Why State Street, why this action? State Street, the world’s 3rd largest asset manager announced a plan for robust due diligence on investee companies in their portfolio with exposure to deforestation risk stemming from their supply chain. This announcement came after consultation with companies and stakeholders, including Friends of the Earth U.S. We can prove that one of State Street's investee companies, Bunge Limited, is guilty of enabling illegal deforestation in Brazil’s Cerrado, the world’s most biodiverse tropical savanna. Bunge has failed to implement a 2021 shareholder resolution that pressed the company to halt soy-driven deforestation in the Cerrado region of Brazil, a biodiversity hotspot that is under severe threat from corporate greed and destruction. We demand State Street VOTE NO to reinstate Bunge’s Board Chair for failing to address the urgency of the climate, deforestation, and human rights crisis.

Why now? Bunge's Annual General Meeting will be held virtually May 12, and we need State Street--the 3rd largest asset manager in the world--to take action immediately and VOTE NO to reinstate Bunge’s Board Chair before May 12. For more info contact Britten at bevans at


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