Save Pine Barrens: Community Building Work Day | Solidarity Action

Saturday, Jun 11

We are joining Save Pine Barrens for a community building work day clean-up. Come in friendship and learn about the devastating effects of toxic solar and sand mining. Lunch will be served and donations are welcome!

This event is sponsored by Save Pine Barrens, Community Land and Water Coalition, and the Herring Pond Tribal Council. For more info, contact Melissa Ferretti at melissa@herringpondtribe.org.

When: Saturday, June 11, from 11am-2pm

Where: Herring Pond, Wampanoag Pondville Meetinghouse, 128 Herring Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360

At XR Boston we support solar in fields and developed areas like rooftops and parking lots. We don’t condone deforestation to build solar farms, at Pine Barrens or within other critical ecosystems. Deforestation exacerbates the ecological crisis and leads to biodiversity loss, accelerating the sixth mass extinction that's currently underway.


Contact Melissa at melissa@herringpondtribe.org for details