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Declare Climate Emergency - Day of Action with People vs. Fossil Fuels

Tuesday, Aug 02

Declare a Climate Emergency

Join XR Boston and a national day of action in solidarity with People vs. Fossil Fuels

Declaring a climate emergency signals to the world that the President is ready to play hard ball on climate and unleash all his executive powers to make real climate progress. President Biden should not have wasted a year and a half negotiating with a coal baron. He has all the powers he needs right now to act boldly on climate.

Legally, a climate emergency declaration unlocks important emergency powers to rapidly shift off of fossil fuels:

Ban crude oil exports - The US exports about ¼ of the crude oil it produces. This production is largely taking place in the Permian Basin. Banning crude oil exports can cut greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount a year as closing 42 coal plants.

Stop Foreign Fossil Fuel Investment - Halting the flow of hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. federal investment in fossil fuel projects abroad will prevent locking in decades of reliance on fossil fuel infrastructure and halt fossil fuel proliferation in other countries.

Roll out Renewable Energy and E-Transportation Infrastructure - Direct Pentagon Funds toward the pieces that will ensure our climate security with renewable energy systems, climate-resilient technologies, and electric transportation.

Event Details

important update!

The action will consist of two phases:

  1. A noon time banner drop from the pedestrian overpass on Storrow Drive. Meet across from Charles MGH T Stop
  2. At 3pm, stand out at the John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston proceeding to the die-in at Park St.

Please RSVP to receive updates, or check back here. We have a large Declare Climate and Ecological Emergency banner. You can print or paint signs based on these designs or XR based designs!


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