Degrowth Primer and Discussion

Thursday, Nov 17

As we begin to understand the severity of our ecological emergency, we need ideas, practices, and programs that meet the current moment. In an era of ecological overshoot and billions still without the proper means of survival, this calls for a radical reconceptualization of our economy and society. What we need is degrowth.

This presentation will provide participants with a degrowth primer: what it is, why it's necessary, and how we can start implementing degrowth. While calls for a Green New Deal have changed the conversation on the climate crisis, it is clear current Green New Deal's do not go far enough to achieve ecological sustainability and global justice. Degrowth offers not simply an alternative to Green New Deal proposals, but a supplement to what the Green New Deal lacks. This talk will push us towards a new terrain when it comes to the Green New Deal discourse: a Degrowth Green New Deal.

Presenter Andrew Ahern is an ecological activist, organizer, and freelance writer. He lives in Boston where he is a member of Boston DSA and the Sunrise Movement.


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