Chase earns and earth burns

Don't bank at Chase!

Thursday, Sep 08

This September, Chase Bank will be enticing students to open accounts when school opens. What many students don’t know is that Chase is a fossil fuel giant. The bank uses customer account money, credit card profits and stock investments to bankroll outfits like the Russian energy giant Gazprom. If you are lucky enough to own mutual funds, you probably own Chase stock. In 2021, Chase invested $61.7 billion dollars in fossil fuel companies. This financing results in the record atmospheric carbon dioxide levels that are killing life on earth. Chase earns while the earth burns.

Join us in distributing flyers on Thursday September 8, from 12-2pm and urging prospective Chase customers not to invest in this fossil fuel behemoth disguising itself as a community bank. We will also be promoting XR Boston’s Week of Rebellion. RSVP on this page and we will email you the exact location of the action. It will be somewhere in the Boston/Brookline area. With additional rebels, we can have more of a presence with banners, flags and signs. So sign up today!

For more on banks funding fossil fuel companies and the climate crisis, take a look at this entertaining yet sobering video.


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