October Climate Grief Circle

Wednesday, Oct 25

Please RSVP through this zoom link

You are welcome in this monthly circle, where we contact and work with our climate grief. We are all experiencing so many losses because of the climate crisis, including extinction, displacement, loss of livelihood, and irrevocable changes to beloved places. Our resulting grief can show up in many different ways, such as numbness, bitterness, and despair. However your grief shows up, you are welcome in this space. We believe that working with grief requires support, and that is what we aim to provide. What’s more, we trust that when we engage with our grief in a supported way, we find that we no longer need to be afraid of it, and that frees us up to show up in service and love for the communities that we hold dear.

With gentle facilitation and simple prompts, we will move through reflection and sharing that will get us out of our heads and into our hearts, where our grief and our love for this world reside. This 75-minute circle is open to all, whether you are a seasoned rebel or brand-new to XR.


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