Stop Polluting Eastie

Friday, Oct 13

Air pollution is a terminal illness in East Boston. It is time to step up and protest the numerous and continuously increasing harms inflicted on our community. East Boston has been a vibrant immigrant hub for centuries. Like so many cities with similar histories, residents are on the receiving end of systemic environmental injustices. The burden is not bearable anymore.

  • According to the Logan Airport Health Study, children in East Boston are 4 times more likely to exhibit signs of asthma compared with children in other areas. Adults are twice as likely to show signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

  • The neighborhood is a "hotspot" for many different types of cancer, suggesting environmental causes.

  • The community has a higher burden of obesity than most neighborhoods in the city. 63% of adults in Eastie have obesity. Public school students across all grades have a higher percentage of overweight and obese students than Massachusetts in general. (see community health needs assessment report conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital)

  • East Boston has the lowest tree canopy coverage in the city, due in no small part to Logan airport. This contributes to many urban heat islands, or hotter temperatures, on average, than most other neighborhoods in the region.

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