Winter Solstice Potluck + Circle: Grief, Gratitude, and Communing

Thursday, Dec 21

Run time ~2.5 hours. We will share food potluck style, and then at 7:15 form a circle to share both our grief and gratitude at this point in the season. Bring a dish if you have the time/money, but there will be extra! Also feel free to join for just one part of the event, if that's all your schedule allows.

At the winter Solstice, we stand at a threshold: it is the longest night of the year, and marks the astronomical beginning of Winter. At the same time, it is from this day forward that the days lengthen and light begins its slow return.

Join fellow XR rebels in a circle of grief and gratitude, as we engage in the dance of darkness and light. We share our grief, because the work we do for all beings is a labor of love, and in love our hearts are broken open. We share our gratitude, because our hearts are filled by the earth we call home, and the work we share for the sake of all.


There is an elevator. The bathrooms are up two stairs from the main event space.