Below is a quick orientation of how to create or edit pages (a.k.a. articles), link them together, and format text. More details are available on this demo site.

  1. create a new page: click the rightmost grey button with arrow in upper right corner and click on "New article below..." (this requires you to be logged in)
  2. edit page: click "Edit" link at the top of the page (this requires you to be logged in)
  3. links are a bit tricky, but the basic idea is link text in square brackets followed by the URL in parentheses. [text that is shown](location of page being linked to)
  4. TO DO: adding images
  5. TO DO: adding documents such as PDFs
  6. style text with the buttons above the text box - or text formatting can be done with a shorthand syntax called markdown:
  • headers: (1 to 6 #'s), e.g. ###### A Page Section --->
A Page Section
  • bold: **heavy text** ---> heavy text
  • italic: _emphasized text_ ---> emphasized text