WORK IN PROGRESS! Welcome to XR Mass arts resources compilation! Since some of the files we found were specific to proprietary software like Adobe Illustrator, we have converted some of the visual resources into open-source formats (.svg) or more common, editable formats (.docx). For svg, you can use open-source graphics editors like [Inkscape](

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- [Style and Basic Graphics](#style)
- [Flyers](#flyers), including ready-to-print flyers and editable templates
- [Posters](#posters)
- [Banners](#banners)
- [Print-making](#prints): block-printing, silk screening, flags
- [Stickers and Buttons](#stickers)
- [Music](#music)
- [Theatre](#theatre)
- [Online Graphics](#online-graphics)

#<a id="style">Style and Basic Graphics</a>
- A must-read: [XR design programme]( contains downloadable XR symbol, XR color palette, logos, fonts, downloadable images, flier templates, etc. As such it is the source for many of the files linked on this page. Original download link can be found [here]( 

- Extinction symbol and Extinction Rebellion lettering [compilation]( contains:

    - [Extinction symbol]( from the design programme. The Extinction Symbol was created in 2011 by street artist ESP. The symbol may never be used for or associated with fundraising. This is a non-negotiable rule, there are no exceptions.

    - [XR logotype]( from the design programme. The XR logotype may be used for the promotion of fundraising. As a rule we do not make any products, but in certain instances we do offer patches / badges / posters with the logotype on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. We prefer to gift work, it helps change peoples expectations on how we commune with one another.

    - [XR Logo: Extinction symbol combined with logotype]( Cannot be used for or associated with fundraising.

    - [XR Massachusetts design]( 

    - [brief background on the extinction symbol](

- Fonts from the design programme: [Crimson]( for body text, and [FUCXED CAPS]( for large headings. 

- More XR UK [graphic assets](, XR International [graphic assets](

- [prebuilt image combinations]( in XR colors, good for flyer backgrounds or social media headers

- Coming soon: how-to for making vector graphics with free [Inkscape]( application

#<a id="flyers">Flyers</a>

## Editable templates

- XR Mass [.docx versions]( of the above XR UK flyers, which are easily editable if you can work with Microsoft Word documents. You need to have the fonts installed for these to work. They will look garbled in the Google Drive viewer, but should work fine once downloaded.

## Ready-to-print XR Mass flyers

- [Apology flyer]( to hand out whenever you are disrupting the general public. This is a 8.5 x 11 half page flyer, meant for double side printing.

- General XR Mass

[Emergency]( The black and white designs look nice on colored paper.

[Nearly out of time](
 Tip: buy a ream of assorted colors at Staples, then ask them to print on it. It is a lot cheaper than having them print on colored paper.

- Other flyers
[Misc Print ready flyers and design](

## Flyer designs for inspiration

- [Flyer designs](, originally from the main XR UK website [art page](

- More XR Mass flyers from [Outreach]( 

#<a id="posters">Posters</a>
- PDFs created by XR UK can be found on their [art webpage](

- Other poster ideas created by XR Mass members are being collected [on our Google Drive](

- recipe for making your own [sidewalk chalk](

- Wheatpaste instructions:

[image:15 size:large]

# <a id="banners">Banners</a>
- Many banner templates and other stencils can be found on the main XR UK [art webpage](  

- [How to Make Vertical Banners - Video with David Solnit](

- banners we have made so far

[image:18 align:left size:medium]
[image:19 align:left size:medium]
[image:20 align:left size:medium]

### Other

["Winds of Change" wind-catching objects](

#<a id="prints">Print-making</a>

### Block printing

- [Intro to block-printing]( from the XR Art Blockers [Facebook page](

- [Blog]( of the printing workshop that is supporting the UK Rebellion, lots of info and advice about block-printing

- [Wood cuts]( compiled from the design program and from around the Internet

### Silk Screening

- Coming soon

### Flags
- [How-to]( make those colorful XR flags. We used screen printing.

#<a id="stickers">Stickers and Buttons</a>

- [Compilation]( of sticker designs 

- International XR sticker [repository](

#<a id="music">Music</a>
- [Thrive Street Songbook]( some great tunes to boost morale at actions

- [Chants and songs](./chants/) developing for affinity groups to use at actions

#<a id="theatre">Theatre</a>

- Puppet Free Library

#<a id="online-graphics">Online graphics</a>

- [Basic logos](

- [Facebook banners](, [more](