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A youth-led climate march, organized by Extinction Rebellion Youth Boston and the HONK! Festival, marched from Cambridge City Hall to the Mass Institute of Technology

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Elizabeth had the privilege of growing up in a family where politics are regularly discussed, allowing her to get involved with XR without fear of being turned down for being 13

XR Boston Youth Activist Profiles

Elizabeth, age 13, talks about why she joined XR Boston and chose to take action the climate and ecological crises after the release of last summer's IPCC report

Extinction Rebellion Boston Youth Sixth Mass Extinction Climate Crisis

XR Boston and XR NH put Governor Baker under “citizen’s arrest” for his repeated crimes against environmental justice communities and climate inaction

Press Release Governor Baker Climate Crisis

Extinction Rebellion Boston stood out on the Bourne Bridge to raise awareness about the climate and ecological crises, and how the Cape is at particular risk

Sixth Mass Extinction Press Release Bourne Bridge Cape Cod Climate Crisis

Climate Activists Disrupt Boston Seaport, Demand Investment in Climate Action. The Boston Seaport is an unwise investment of our tax dollars.

Sea level rise Sixth Mass Extinction Boston Seaport Flood the Seaport Governor Baker Climate Crisis