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Advocates Call on EEA to protect EJ communities on the North Shore by delaying the construction of the dirty Peabody Peaker Plant

Peabody Power Plant Video Sixth Mass Extinction Climate Crisis

In the anticipated failure of COP26 to fully address the impending climate catastrophe, Extinction Rebellion Boston held a protest and die-in

Ecological Emergency Skip Schiel cop26 Climate Crisis

Extinction Rebellion Boston held a rally at the JFK Federal Building to protest the failure of the leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) to make meaningful and enforceable commitments that would avoid climate catastrophe

Sixth Mass Extinction Press Release Ecological Emergency cop26 Climate Crisis

An interview with Skip Schiel about his photography and work with Extinction Rebellion Boston

Climate Crisis Skip Schiel Leah Hodge Activist Profiles

A youth-led climate march, organized by Extinction Rebellion Youth Boston and the HONK! Festival, marched from Cambridge City Hall to the Mass Institute of Technology

Sixth Mass Exintinction Extinction Rebellion Boston Youth IPCC Report Press Release XR Boston Youth Honk Festival Honk Parade Climate Crisis
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Elizabeth had the privilege of growing up in a family where politics are regularly discussed, allowing her to get involved with XR without fear of being turned down for being 13

XR Boston Youth Activist Profiles