Edit this page with requests for improvements to this site, or general infrastructure requests.

For instance:

  • better video page
  • photo page

  • for action pages:

    1. when you're making an action, have an "accessibility" section, so that whoever is making events is prompted to think about the accessibility of the building, etc. and reporting that info
    2. disconnect conditional commitment and roles (I think Davie might have done this already) done
    3. events that go for multiple dates, and a corresponding way to easily identify which dates that someone will attend
    4. an option to specify an "end" time for events (in addition to the current start time)
    5. when you get to a page that doesn't exist, suggest adding a "/" to the end of the link
Art Working Group

describing current implementations here to give an idea of what requirements might be...

  • Coordinators created a google calendar to put art events on. Not everyone is invited to it yet. Question as to whether that provides any additional value over adding to main XR calendar.
  • Maddie created a google doc as a draft template for art events, with considerations and options. But there is discussion that a spreadsheet to collect event ideas might be a better format. There are preparatory tasks for many of these that we're not tracking that well
  • Byron transferred the template to the wiki with the idea of copy/pasting it to a new wiki page for each event. We discussed whether a form like the one for event creation would be better. Or a google form that dumps data to a sheet maybe.
  • Alie created several poster images and shared draft versions in keybase for feedback. Others used the channel to discuss and critique them; that seemed to work very well
  • The keybase channel also included ideas for events, sharing links to resources, reports on art-related outreach efforts, debate about best organizational process, and planning implementation of art projects. It's a bit chaotic and disjointed but @ mentions have helped keep conversations going
  • Byron created a shared folder under his Nextcloud account at disroot.org to keep art files in a central place. With desktop Nextcloud client, you can work on files as local but they update for everyone on save - helpful for streamlining collaborative process when using graphics software. The folder also holds general climate art assets and ideas beyond XR-specific