Envisioning the future on Waterloo Bridge during the April 2019 Rebellion in London

"Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness. It comes from letting the world tickle your heart, your raw and beautiful heart. You are willing to open up, without resistance or shyness, and face the world. You are willing to share your heart with others." ― Chögyam Trungpa

In regenerative culture, our overarching mandates are to:

  • encourage a culture of care, respect, and interconnection

  • facilitate rebels’ active participation in the Rebellion by providing care & trainings, as well as resilient & adaptable group structures

  • create procedures which welcome people into the Rebellion and help people to feel supported and appreciated

Read a detailed overview of the regenerative culture working group here.

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How to get involved

Please check our calendar, xrboston.org/action/, to sign up for a new member orientation. Our new member orientation will help you get involved in the XR Mass working groups. Email the Regen coordinators for other inquiries.

Project teams

We organize our work into four circles of care, which each have four teams. We recognize the interconnectedness of all these aspects of care, and provide these teams to organize projects, decentralize, and facilitate community.

You can read a detailed overview of the teams/projects that lie within Regenerative Culture here. Teams without point people have not started yet.

Inner Care

- To holistically care for rebels’ hearts & minds & bodies throughout the Rebellion, including our relational selves and peer-based care
- To facilitate creative expressions of inner care, based in rebels’ personal and collective experiences
- To develop opportunities and practices for a culture of appreciation throughout XR Mass
- Ongoing projects: peer-led listening circles, Work that Reconnects workshops, regular meditations. Find our inner care events and resources here.

Community Care

- To research, implement, and advocate for organizing structures and processes that improve organizational accessibility and inclusion, adaptability and resilience, and respectful relationships
- To facilitate participation of underprivileged communities and provide feedback on these matters to the broader XR community, including training rebels about issues of oppression
- To welcome newcomers and visitors into our community
- Ongoing projects: conflict mediation, meeting facilitation training resources, working group onboarding, people of color advocacy

Action Care

- To care for rebels participating in actions (before, during, and after actions) and build welcoming community through affinity groups
- To provide training to support rebels who want to be on actions (e.g. basic NVDA training, training for different action wellbeing roles, and legal training)
- To promote reflecting and learning for actions through debriefing and feedback
- Ongoing projects: NVDA trainings and trainings-for-trainers, peacekeeping trainings, protest safety trainings, arrestee support

Ecosystem Care

- To plan events that actively nurture/steward the local environment and provide training/education about these issues (whether on or off actions)
- To develop a culture of interconnection through community events, skillshares, etc. (envisioning a future where environmental care is collective rather than atomising)
- To help base action infrastructure in ecological practices (e.g. sourcing renewable energy for actions)
- Ongoing projects: coming soon!


    XR and Wandering Fusion Festival dance in the Arnold Arboretum.


Coordinators: (xr.mass.regen@protonmail.com)