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Members of XR Boston celebrate and mourn the loss of ocean diversity with a funeral on Revere Beach

Revere Beach Marine Life Beach Funeral Biodiversity

Four activists arrested at Eversource's East Boston substation construction site, after climbed over the site's fence and staging a picnic.

East Boston #noeastiesubstation Eversource GreenRoots

On Thursday June 15, eight climate activists from Extinction Rebellion Boston (XR) mooned legislature with the message "STOP PASSING GAS" written on their backsides, demanding that the Massachusetts government immediately ban all new fossil fuel infrastructure and stop ongoing construction of new projects.

State House Thongs Mooning No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
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Starting on Monday June 5, climate activists are holding "stand-outs" in front of the Massachusetts State House, demanding that Governor Healey halt planning and construction on all new or proposed fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

State House state house stand-out

XR Boston and Scientists Rebellion demands MA Legislators ban fossil fuel infrastructure and fund a Just Transition.

Massachusetts House Massachusetts Senate Memorandum No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
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Climate activists disrupt business as usual in the State House to demand that the Massachusetts legislature ban new fossil fuel infrastructure as the first step to a rapid and just decarbonization.

scientist rebellion Just Transition Massachusetts State House Massachusetts House Massachusetts Senate No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure