Be Your Own Media: Write about the Climate and Ecological Crises

Be Your Own Media

Quick and easy instructions on:

  • Writing Op-ed's about the Climate and Ecological Crises
  • Writing Media Alerts and Press Releases for Climate Actions
  • Contacting your Representatives about the Climate and Ecological Crises

1) Write an Op-Ed

Op-eds are opinion pieces written by members of the public that typically are published in a news outlet’s editorial section. Newspapers, magazines and other news publications regularly run op-eds to ensure they present diverse opinions on topics of importance to readers.

2) Write a Media Alert and/or Press Release

Media alerts are one-page announcements of an upcoming event, intended for journalists, not the public. Their purpose is to convince reporters that this event is a genuine news story worthy of coverage and inviting them to attend.

Press Releases are an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular subject/event.

3) Contact your Town, State, and Federal Representatives

Elected officials often claim that they don’t hear about the climate and ecological crises from their constituents. We can change that!

4) Citations

Working list of Research and Articles on the Climate and Ecological crises to use in your writing.

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