Extinction Rebellion Boston’s Statement on the Massachusetts Roadmap Climate Bill

Extinction Rebellion Boston’s Statement on the Massachusetts Roadmap Climate Bill

The Next-generation Roadmap for Climate Policy Bill S.9 is currently in the Massachusetts Senate. Governor Charlie Baker sent back the original 2050 Roadmap Bill with around 50 revisions to the senate and house joint committee.

There are three key provisions of the bill that Governor Baker and the business interests that back him are targeting and aim to weaken:

  1. Inserting into the state energy code a uniform local option for constructing "net zero" buildings.
  2. Requiring steps to bring down greenhouse gas emissions 50% below 1990 levels by the year 2030.
  3. Setting emissions sublimits for major problem areas such as transportation, buildings, and electric power.

The senate and house have the votes to veto Bakers revisions if they choose to, but they are still processing Baker's feedback. Notably, one of the revisions from Baker would result in lowering emissions more slowly, altering the original targets for 2030 and 2040.

The 2030 and 2040 targets were already falling short of what is necessary to avoid a climate and ecological catastrophe. Many climate scientists agree that the goal of net zero by 2050 is not urgent enough to avoid triggering earth's tipping points and setting an out of control trajectory towards what scientists coin an 'uninhabitable hothouse earth.'

Charlie Baker continues to fail to protect Massachusetts residents and the world population when it comes to the climate and ecological crises. From permitting the Eastie substation and approving a natural gas compressor station in Weymouth, he continuously chooses quick profit and the protection of corporate interests, including Enbridge and the real estate industry, over doing what is best for the people and planet. These new fossil fuel projects work in opposition to the goal of net zero emissions by the 2050 timeline.

Extinction Rebellion Boston supports the passing of Climate Bill S.9, while also acknowledging that it is not strong or urgent enough to ensure that Earth remains safe and habitable. We implore the senate and house to veto Baker's revisions and avoid dangerously watering down such an important piece of legislation. As a “progressive” state, Massachusetts has a responsibility to set an example for the country and the world. Baker claims that he wants Massachusetts to be a leader on climate - a position at odds with his actions.

In addition, we are saddened and disappointed in the many state house legislators who voted against transparency voting. This is at odds with Extinction Rebellion’s first demand to Tell the Truth and our third demand for a Citizens Assembly. This is a sign of a weakened democratic process, and makes it harder for citizens to maintain political power and hold our representatives accountable when they do not vote in the best interest of the people they committed to serve and protect.

Take Action

Contact your reps and ask them to veto the changes Baker suggested that end up weakening the bill!

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