XR Boston's Citgo Action

On August 10, members of XR Boston and other local climate groups, acting as individuals, covered the Citgo sign in Boston with a banner that read "CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW." Eight arrests were made. These concerned climate activists demanded binding, rapid climate action that prioritizes communities of color and low income communities.

Race is the number one indicator of toxic facility placement in the US. Communities of color & low income face disproportionate exposure to hazardous pollution, chemicals, and waste, and therefore cancer, asthma, and heart disease rates. In Boston, 29% of white residents live in the most highly-polluted areas, compared with 45% of Black residents, 47% of Asian residents, and 54% of Latinx residents.

We must rapidly transition from an energy system reliant on fossil fuel burning to one reliant on sustainable, zero-emissions sources. It's time to remove fossil fuels as a societal landmark in Boston. How can we allow fossil fuels to control our government and our leaders? How can we allow Citgo to loom above our heads knowing the existential destruction being caused by fossil fuels at a time of heightened racial awareness and disparity?

We got major news coverage of this action, even getting coverage from AP. See press coverage here.

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