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Closed For Good

Extinction Rebellion is running the #ClosedForGood Campaign, demanding the fossil fuel industry, and the governments and financial institutions that enable them, to Close for Good as the global economy recovers from the coronavirus. We need a rapid global transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy and ecological sustainability if we are to avoid climate and ecological catastrophe and the resulting social collapse.

Fossil fuel projects don’t just need governmental approval - they also need money. Behind every fossil fuel project there's a private bank financing global heating and the destruction of Earth.

From Rainforest Action Network's Report: Banking on Climate Change 2020, "33 of the world's largest banks have financed fossil fuels with 1.9 trillion since the Paris Agreement was signed, with financing on the rise each year."

JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citibank are the four top banks funding fossil fuels globally - they are responsible for leading life on Earth to extinction.


Citibank recently made a commitment to carbon-disclosure and to finance low-carbon solutions in the area of renewable energy, but they currently remain the third worst banker of fossil fuel projects in the world. They have spent an average of $48B annually on fossil fuel projects since the Paris Climate Agreement with that number on the rise. In 2019 they spent 52B on fossil fuels. Publicly, Citibank claims to support the Paris Climate Agreement, yet they continue to finance the very industry that is leading life on Earth towards extinction.

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