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Closed For Good

Extinction Rebellion is running the #ClosedForGood Campaign, demanding that the fossil fuel industry, other polluting corporations, and the governments and financial institutions that enable them, need to change their destructive ways or Close for Good as the global economy recovers from the coronavirus.

Fossil fuel projects don’t just need governmental approval to advance their planet-warming plans - they also need money. Many investment firms use our money on fossil fuel projects that perpetuate human caused global heating that is leading us towards climate and ecological catastrophe and an uninhabitable Earth.


From The Action Center on Race & the Economy (ACRE): "Asset managers, like Vanguard, have failed to include a robust racial and environmental justice orientation in their business practices. In turn, they flood extractive industries with capital. Industries like the carceral and fossil fuel industries use those investments to extract from low-income and BIPOC communities. Despite Vanguard’s public commitments, in the wake of a national uprising against racialized police violence and an ever present climate crisis, Vanguard has not taken adequate steps to move the needle toward racial or environmental justice."

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