XR Boston Postering: Stop the Money Pipeline

XR Boston joined Stop the Money Pipeline for their #DefundClimateChaos week of art action. From Stop the Money Pipeline: "Art, culture and creative action are at the heart of successful movements. Minneapolis-based artist-organizer Ricardo Levins Morales says, “Humans are story-driven. We make choices according to how we understand the world to be. Art speaks directly to those deep inner spaces where the stories are stored.'” From April 2-April 10, 2022 there will be a massive reclaiming of public space (and online space) to lift up our narratives, make our movements visible and inspire others to join. Our public and online spaces are inundated with millions of dollars of advertising by the finance industry, fossil fuel and corporations that try to impose their narrative and manipulate us. Street art is a kind of pushback; this project a widespread visual and direct action intervention to disrupt the institutions that are funding and profiting from fossil fuels and climate chaos." Video by Skip Schiel at teeksaphoto.org

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